Here are what some clients have to say about how using Hypnotherapy has helped them change their lives.

‘Tee’s innate capacity to listen and engage fully, puts you at ease and creates a trusting environment, to share your innermost confidences. He is highly intuitive and seems to instinctively know how to guide you, to make the changes that you need. Tee ensures you understand that those positive changes will be totally down to you and that we all have the ability to improve and fix ourselves and that he is there for guidance and to provide the tools that you require, to do the work. Tee’s hypnotherapy led me to greater willpower and self discipline, in order to combat destructive behaviours and to change my mindset. Not only did the soothing sound of Tee’s voice, help me work on the problems I knew I had but also helped me to release negative energy and emotions, I wasn’t even aware of. Thanks to Tee’s input I feel better, stronger, happier and more in charge of me, so a massive thank you and much appreciation for facilitating these impressive improvements. A consummate professional, whom I highly respect and have already recommended to others.’ July 2020

Togetherness therapy, Tee, and an associate recently spent the day doing beach massages for me, as well as our whole wedding party. The entire experience was phenomenal. Several of our party have massages regularly and noted it being the best massage they’d ever received. I haven’t had a lot of massages, but mine too, was wonderful. I highly recommend anyone visiting Nevis to book with Togetherness Therapy.  June 2019

Tee Liburd offers 5 Star energy and massage services. My family was visiting Nevis for my sister’s wedding. Tee organized the beach massage that we requested for a party of 10! I am an energy practitioner myself and get a massage every other week and Tee’s craft is outstanding. Comments from the folks in our group were “this is the best massage I’ve ever had and I get massages regularly everywhere I go”. Thank you Tee for making this special occasion even more magical! Namaste.  June 2019

My daughter and I visited Tee for help with anxiety and grief. His gentle manner and ability to listen patiently made us feel comfortable from the start and quickly built feeling of trust, which was important as this is not a form of therapy we have experienced before. I wasn’t sure what to expect but the results, particularly for my daughter, were very quickly evidenced. Panic attacks greatly reduced, feelings of guilt (an issue Tee identified that I wasn’t aware of) disappeared overnight and I can honestly say they have not returned. we are so greatful to Tee and would have no problem recommending him to anyone. Thank you Tee. January 2019

Tee is a great guy, he is approachable and very reassuring. I was immediately put at ease during our first consultation, the forms that I completed and the questions asked showed he really wanted to understand not just my issue, but also the type of person that I am, in order for him to deliver the appropriate style for me. Thanks so much for helping me overcome my anxiety and fear! Your voice is also delicious to listen to. December 2019

Fantastic! Warm hearted, genuine and knowledgable!! November 2019

Tee is the man to come to regarding anything you may want to work on , emotionally, mentally or physiological. I continue to work day in day out with the tools Tee has provided me to tackle the bouts of depression and anxiety, the effects these have on me. Tee is attentive, kind, calming and intuitive to your needs. I have grown stonger and more confident to deal with situations I may never thought I’d be able to . Through this I have qualified to compete in the European Masters Weightlifting Championships in Budapest in Jone this year 2018. I truly believe Tee enabled me to realise and see what I was capable of and channel that anxiety into a positive tool for my lifting. Thank you Tee. September 2019

Tee is friendly, his home is relaxing and calming. I zoned out/ relaxed straight away in hypnotherapy. I’ve learnt myself that you don’t get a quick fix you must also help your self by thinking, being and saying positive words to people. As we are all on a journey be kind to everyone and this will be returned to you. My journey was on a well trodden path of worry many people have used this path,but I’ve now broken free with the help of Tee. The path that’s rough (New thought pattern) of thinking positive with daily hypnotherapy, affirmations (law of attraction) and doing good is my new path in life. Is it worth it? Yes. To feel worry free is the shackles being smashed off. I’m now living my life. June 2019

Tee not only helped me overcome my fear of heights, but also highlighted other problem areas I wasn’t aware of. Would definitely recommend Tee to people. June 2018

With Tee, I have quit smoking nicotine, let go of my psychological attachment to my asthma spray and consistently boost my self worth. Love, trust and understanding on a much improved life path. #blessed. March 2018

I had hypnotherapy to stop smoking in December 2017 with Tee. I have tried to stop smoking before many times but I am sooooo pleased to say this time its worked. Tees hypnotherapy seems to have given me the extra willpower & determination that i needed to succeed. Thank you Tee xx. January 2018

Tee was friendly, welcoming and very professional. He was a great listener in both my consultation and session appointments and was genuinely interested in how I was feeling. Following my session, I have definitely seen benefits and have been able to think more positively about my sleeping habits. December 2017

I was able to totally relax with Tee. He is the consummate professional. I could not have achieved the relief I sought with any one else. Being able to trust and open up to Him meant that I was able to get the peace of mind I had been looking for, for years and years. I cannot praise Him enough for what He did for Me. October 2017

I had hypnotherapy some time ago now, and I can honestly say it is one of the best things I have ever done. I felt comfortable and relaxed during sessions, and the results are still with me today. I can’t recommend Tee highly enough. July 2017

When I met Tee Liburd at his home for a session of hypnotherapy i was so intrigued at what would come of it. Firstly being invited to his home has a personal touch to it and you feel more connected to the person who is about to help you with an incredible method to overcome what ever it is you may have going on. We sat and spoke about various things concerning myself and my thoughts and what i need to overcome. Soon we started the session and it was very relaxing and reviving ! The soft music the sound of Tees voice giving instructions whilst in the moment was great ! I felt like a weight was lost and i was more clear and focused in my mind ! I like to connect with Tee and a friend and associate because he is a brilliant person amd very caring and listens. Thank you Tee. May 2017

Togetherness Therapy is a fabulous hypnotherapy business that gets you RESULTS whatever your concerns and symptoms. The level of service from Tee is second to none and he is very professional and ethical in his delivery. I would not hesitate in recommending Togetherness Therapy to others and suggest a taster session if you are new to hypnotherapy.  A visit to Tee can really change your life! 👍👍 March 2017




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