Sanomentology is a therapeutic method merging science, psychology, philosophy, hypnotherapy and other therapeutic processes to work with the mind at a deeper more connected level than many other therapies. This deep connection enables faster results for clients and more easily too.

Many of you will have seen or even used The analogy of an iceberg as a comparison of the Conscious and Unconscious mind. It is an effective analogy, but it also helps to show the limitations of the thinking of many therapeutic models.

Because where the conscious mind is represented by the tip of the iceberg, and the unconscious mind represented by the underwater part , and these are the parts where most therapy happens, consciousness as a whole encompasses everything around it too. The air, the water, the iceberg, the whole universe that it exists in. And that is the realm of Sanomentology. We work with what is referred to as the Post Materialistic Mind, a mind that exists far beyond the scope of the meat of the brain and body. The brain has the same principle task as the router in your home that takes the signal from the internet outside and routes it around your house as required.

I started to add the protocols from Sanomentology into my practice from 2018. Sanomentology has a great deal of potential in a wide range of areas. However, more than anything else, it helps people to achieve clarity, which is something that is so often lacking in their lives. Then, with clarity comes peace of mind and hope for the future, too. With these three essential ingredients, people who undertake Sanomentology get a real chance to fulfil their potential and achieve their dreams.  Clients I have seen since that use Sanomentology have experienced the elimination of physical and emotional pain, and alongside this they have grown in their ability to forgive and developed the confidence to move forward, and being able to deal with the challenges in their lives more effectively.

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I am passionate about helping people find solutions to enable them to live happier, more fulfilled lives.

I firmly believe that everything that we have experienced since we were born affects us on a unconscious level and some of these experiences can hold us back, preventing us from being the best that we can be.

The unconscious is the part of your mind that notices and remembers information when you are not actively trying to do so, and influences your behaviour even though you do not realise it.

Whether it be something we may have seen, heard, tasted or smelt, or even touched these experiences can have a detrimental effect on our lives making us feel unhappy, fearful and less accepting of ourselves and others.

As someone who has therapy on a regular basis I know how important it is to seek the support of others in helping to deal with the daily challenges that I face. I am a great believer in self care and being able to look after my mind, my body and my spirit.

Tee Liburd Dip. Hyp. SQHP