I use Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) to allow my clients to adapt strategies to achieve their goals by guiding them in learning from their own experiences of success and failure about which thoughts, feelings, and behaviours are useful, and which are getting in their way.

I am able to assess my client’s speech, actions, thoughts, and feelings, to build an understanding of their own reality by reframing their current beliefs and applying different meaning to their behaviours, situations in their lives, allowing them to create a very powerful change in how they view the world and how to deal with difficulties in life.

I use this a lot when dealing with businesses since both sales and management deal directly with forming relationships with others, which is integral to their success. NLP can teach improved communication, management, leadership, and coaching skills for those who need help with the advancement of their careers and help to improve communication and management skills, develop better rapport with their clients, improve presentation skills, improve sales, negotiation and resolution skills and provide access to personal development.