A large number of family and friends constantly ask me ‘Does hypnotherapy really work?’ These are people, just like the vast majority of people who may not have experienced the wonderful world of Hypnosis and are sceptical about how Hypnotherapy can actually help them resolve their issues, such as anxiety, fears, phobias, wanting to lose weight, stop smoking or a number of other issues which may be preventing them from being the best that they can be.

My usual response is ‘Do you want to make positive changes to your life, and what are you prepared to do to achieve these?’ I have family and friends who visit the gym or take up some form of regular exercise, because they want to improve their health and fitness. Or, those who want to lose weight and attend regular weight loss classes. Or, those who are business owners and employ the services of business coaches to help them achieve their business goals.

I spoke to a friend recently and found out that they had been a victim of a burglary. This was a very stressful situation for them and caused a great deal of distress and emotional upset, as they felt completely vulnerable in their home as they lived on their own. To ensure their safety they contacted their security company to make sure the property was even more secure.

Their motivation was their security, and because this was a priority they took steps to make sure that they were not burgled again, or, the prospect of being burgled was minimised. The thing that these types of people have in common is a desire to make the change to make them feel better, more secure etc. This is all I ask of my clients, if you are willing and wanting to make the change then I can help you through the process. The age-old adage, ‘You can take a horse to water, but you can’t make it drink’ always springs to mind when people ask me does hypnotherapy work.

As a Professional Clinical Hypnotherapist and Senior Practitioner in Hypnotherapy Practice, I support my clients to achieve their emotional and physiological wellbeing goals. I am very specific when it comes to choosing who I can help, as Hypnotherapy is not suitable for everyone. The say as many as 85% of people will respond positively to Hypnotherapy.